Monday, July 6, 2009

I Love Rain In July

And that's exactly what it did today: rain. I awoke around 5am to a real cloudburst with a bit of thunder and lightening to boot. Now that's the way I like to greet the day. Water for my garden (which is way too big and too much work, but Lordy, how I love to reap the rewards), a crisp, moist smell in the air, and thankfulness for the moisture and escape from dry heat. Now all of that makes me happy.

I really didn't do much today.... although my son and mother will be very happy to hear that I did make raspberry jam. With three days off, I really should have done more but hey, it was the 4th of July, and I needed to celebrate with friends. My friends, Diana and Steve, have a small house/cabin (too big for a cabin imo) on the Moyie River. I arrived too late to join the float-down-the-river gang, but still enjoyed the breeze, the shade and some nice, cold beer. As a potluck, I thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful dishes that everyone brought, especially Fred's Scottish Highland beef burgers and Michael's spicy, hot venison/goose smokies. I also loved all the various salads and desserts. Me, I brought homemade vanilla ice cream. It was all delicious.

It thrilled me to announce, to many who had not heard, the news about Sarah's resignation as governor of Alaska. And like everyone else, I await the "true" reason for her resignation. I just hope to God it doesn't mean she plans on moving back to Idaho and running for governor. Horror of horrors!

Now, several days later, with Sarah's resignation still a topic of speculation, with more rain and thunderstorms and lightening, and with a full week of producing grub for hungry tourists awaiting me, I'm still feeling rather happy. It must me the cool weather and Mother Nature fulfilling my rain wishes. And to top it all off, I'm eating out of my garden: spinach, baby turnips, baby beets, lettuce, peas, omg peas, herbs, peppers, zucchini, and yes, I immediately stuffed into my mouth the first two orange mini tomatoes. Such a glutton! I really should upload some photos one of these days.

I bask in the luxuriousness of it all, knowing that global warming is not a vast left wing conspiracy and that very hot weather lies ahead.....


Nick Jones said...

Let's see...two months later and we are still waiting for that "very hot weather" to arrive. When is global warming going to take effect anyway? I think it is funny that we seem to believe everything we hear without actually questioning, at all, if it is true. You guys hear one presntation by Al Gore and it makes it concrete truth. Without any further discussion or debate. I don't know if global warming is true or not. I would just like a major forum to be allowed to even discuss it. It just seems that we have accepted as fact.

Linda/IdahoRocks said...

Okay, in September you're still waiting for the very hot weather??? And where do you live? Obviously NOT Bonners Ferry or you would have already experienced the hot weather....unless of course you're some sort naive sort who lives on the Westside Road....

Many major forums on global warming appear on the web: I'd start with Wikopedia which, at the very least, links to published references.

Finally, Al Gore's presentation comes from a myriad of peer reviewed scientific journals. What better sources need you have? How naive, ignorant, and opposed to computer research are you?

Nick Jones said...

Well, I live in southern Idaho and honestly the temps haven't seemed unnaturally warm (isn't it supposed to be hot in the summer?)
As far as debate goes, my point is that every TV station just seems to present global warming as fact. It is scientific theory as far as it seems to me. Wouldn't we be feeling some effects from it by now? And I have seen "a myriad of peer reviewed studies" to the contrary as well.
You really don't need to revert to name calling to get your point across, just trying to have a discussion with you. most people I know don't seem to buy into the global warming thing, so I just wanted to know the view of an actual person that isn't biased by what they might "have" to say because their boss tells them to.

Linda/IdahoRocks said...

I have read many books by scientists as well as peer-reviewed journal articles. I subscribe to a number of blogs relating to climate change. I have a friend who regularly accompanies scientists (as outfitter and chef) in Greenland and Antarctica, who study climate change. Glaciers are disappearing around the world; ice shelfs are breaking off of Antarctica and Greenland; ski resorts are beginning to receive less snow; frozen bodies, once lost at very high altitudes, are now being found in thawed snow; and the temperatures of the seas are changing. In a very simple statement, global warming can be stated as extremes of weather. This doesn't mean the earth warms up all at once. It means that warming affects a variety of conditions so the earth's temperature balance begins to change until it reaches dramatic proportions.

And it's not just the warming. Take away as much of the world's rainforests as we have in the past fifty years, and eventually we do not have enough trees to balance CO2 emissions.

On top of these climate facts, we are also suffering a tremendous amount of not just cultural genocide, but of ethnocide as well. Cultures are being driven from their lands in the name of corporate need, i.e., the people are expendable. Furthermore, when I was born at least 6000 languages were spoken, now less than 3000 languages are spoken. Is that progress? Not in my opinion.

Finally, the news is given by people who work for the ten or less corporations who own all the news networks, press, etc. And if you read peer-reviewed journals about climate change, you wouldn't be taking up this discussion with me.

Sorry to sound so short, but no educational forum on climate change will take place on this blog.