Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Another Day...

Ah, the days pass quickly and blend into each other all too easily... Last Friday the Boundary County Democrats had a great Spaghetti Fundraiser/Auction. Besides our wonderful local Democrats, we hosted our local and District 1 candidates, Steve Elgar, Tom Hollingsworth, Jerry Pavia and John O'Conner. Laura Bry of Bonner County also attended and it makes everyone happy to see at large District 1 members attending each other's county events. We're tight up here in the north country.

Shelley Landry had planned to attend but rumor has it that she swept her girls into the car for a quick trip to visit out-of-town Dad for his birthday. What don't the Republicans get about Democrats' family values??? You show 'em Shelley! And we all hope you had a terrific visit!

Now that the school year is coming to a close, I decided, at the last minute, to add one more hat to my collection. So besides sociologist, anthropologist, rare book seller, and blogger, I just took on a position as sous-chef. Gosh, you'd think I was 18 again, but that thought is quickly dashed when I take a look in the mirror. I think I'll get rid of the mirror.... I'm loving what I'm doing! Even if it does mean that I don't have time to do a lot of blogging these days.

But I'm sure that the primary and the state convention and the old-girl-network versus the vision of youth will motivate me to shoot off my mouth soon.

In the meantime, Go Democrats! And thank you Mother Nature for a warm and inviting first Farmer's Market of the season!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday....

Ya, it is. There's an inch of snow of the ground and the sun is shining. Me and Mother Nature are tight! We have to be, after all, Earth Day falls on my birthday. And it's being celebrated around the world, including a thematic tribute by some of the most popular newspaper cartoon writers. How cool is that! And, you think you know/remember the first Earth Day celebration? Well, take the Earth Day Quiz and find out.

I actually had a great post written about the North Idaho Democratic Dinner, but the photos sent to me were piggy-backed by a bloody virus and it has been hell ever since. I'm still working on it but may have to succumb to an expensive overhaul.... What a drag! Now I get to spend my birthday attempting to get all needed data off the computer. I guess that will teach me to forget my camera. I don't know how Don did it (he must have a better anti-virus program), but he did post one of the photos over at Red State Rebels. When I get my problem solved, I may find time to post....

Well, back to work, but with an eye on the Pennsylvania primary. If Obama wins Pennsylvania today, that would be some cool birthday present!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grant Withdraws From 1st CD Race

Today a local hero threw in the hat and decided to support his opponent. Yes. Larry Grant withdrew from the Congressional District 1 race and indicated his support for his opponent Walt Minnick. A news release appeared at Red State Rebels shortly before a report appeared at the Idaho Statesman. 43rdStateBlues chimed in early in the morning as well as NewWest Boise, and by afternoon The Mountain Goat Report and redstateresident's dailykos diary also had full reports. In short, Larry Grant's statement reads:

"I'm standing here with Cecil Andrus and Walt Minnick. We have stood shoulder to shoulder on many Democratic campaigns. We will stand together on many more, including, most importantly, this one.

My campaign has never been about my personal ambition. I have spent the last three years on the campaign trail doing my very best to build the Idaho Democratic Party from the ground up. I'm proud of what I and my campaign team have achieved.

There isn't ten cents worth of difference between my view of the world and Walt Minnick's. That's why we need to be working together to beat Bill Sali, not spending valuable time and resources in a contentious primary.

For that reason, I am withdrawing from the race this morning.

Bill Sali is one of the most ineffective and embarrassing Congressmen we have ever had. Governor Andrus and I will be leaving here today with one objective in mind, to claim this seat for a responsible and respected voice for the people of Idaho, Walt Minnick."

Frankly, I'll always believe that there's more to this story than those simple yet noble statements, but we know that I'm always suspicious that way.... Anyway, I began with the description of Larry as "local hero" and I want to share how much he touched the people in Boundary County.

Tonight we had the Boundary Country Central Committee meeting and I learned first-hand how much Larry had connected with the people of this county over the past three years. Some felt shock, very similar to that moment in 2000 when we learned the Supreme Court's decision to make Bush president, or when, in 2004, John Kerry no longer felt the need "to make every vote count." Some were saddened and disappointed and just felt tired of politics. Some were angry with Andrus, with the Democratic Party and with politics in general. And a few, gals and guys, cried with grief when they heard the news. Several lost the urge to even vote in the next election.

I told them all that the greatest response I had read came from Red State Rebels when Julie commented, "Ouch. Ok. Onward." And even though many of us had aching hearts, we moved forward, concentrating on our wonderful local candidates, and focusing on how we could best support them both politically and financially. Because we all know in our hearts, that that's what Larry would want us to do.

Thanks for being such a terrific candidate, Larry! You know you have lots of friends here in the crown jewel of the north and you and Pam will always be the most welcome of guests.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

And The IDP New Executive Director Is...

The Idaho Democratic Party has a new Executive Director, Jim Hansen. Many of you already know Jim, especially those in Congressional District 2 where he was a candidate in the 2006 election cycle. Jim, a founding member/director of United Vision for Idaho, also brings much experience as an elected legislator, state campain manager, and all around energtic and knowledgeable activist to the IDP. How lucky can we get!

We now have a new IDP Chair, a new Executive Director, two tireless DNC employees working for our party, a good Communications Director, and a well-organized Adminstrative Director, plus a great County Chair organization (thanks to the efforts of Lin Laughy and all the other active chairs). I think it's about time to turn Idaho blue again!