Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dragnet: Larry Craig, from Olbermann

It's called "Dragnet: Larry Craig." I've had disagreements with Olbermann in the past, and I can vouch for the fact that a response from him can be very direct and biting. But in the past several months he has won a special place in my heart, so I hope he keeps on exposing the foibles of stardom, no matter how that comes about....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So Just What Is Craig's Political Stance?

Well, the Idaho Statesman finally released the information about their investigation of Senator Craig's purported homosexuality. Following numerous leads, and often ending up without anything substantive, the Statesman basically leaves us with a "he says/he says," so anyone reading the article can believe either the speculators or Craig, but not both. Craig denies to this day that he ever engaged in any homosexual acts, although his objections sound a lot like that now famous line, "I never had sex with that woman!" I guess it's all a matter of what constitutes sex, or in this case, what constitutes homosexual sex. Too bad it's not Ken Starr going after Larry Craig, although Craig must thank his lucky stars every day that no Ken Starr has relentlessly pursued him. I guess that "down and dirty" stuff remains a peculiar Republican trait.

Accompanying the long and informative overview is the Stateman's request for some answers to some pointed questions about his behavior, his honesty, his trust and his responsibility towards the people of Idaho:

"...Idaho's senior senator must speak candidly with the people who have hired him for more than a quarter of a century. He owes this to voters — no matter how difficult that may be for him and for his family. And voters owe Craig a chance to explain himself."

The Statesman questions his rather feeble excuse for pleading guilty,

"Craig says, in hindsight, he should not have pleaded guilty and "should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter."

stating that as an "educated professional" and and elected one to boot, should have had the wherewithal to go directly to a lawyer. In other words, Craig's excuse sounds lame even to the Statesman.

They also suggest that Craig's handing his senatorial business card, and asking what the police think of that, is " inexcusable abuse of power," and I totally agree with them. This situation had nothing to do with the people of Idaho. It was personal and he should not have tried to weasel his way out by virtue of his being an elected official. Nobody is above the law.

The Statesman further finds that Craig's choice of remaining quiet about his little Minnesota escapade is " unacceptable breach of trust." Craig obviously hoped no one would hear of this episode. Then again, maybe he just didn't want to make the same error he made back in 1982 when he issued a statement saying he had no involvement in the page scandal involving homosexual sex, drugs, and abuse of power, before he was ever officially accused of such activity. After twenty-five years one would think that Craig had learned when to speak up and when not to. How difficult a lesson is that?

In ending, the Statesman states,

"Yes, we have pointed questions, as many Idahoans surely do. But there's a difference between asking hard questions and making snap judgments. We ask Idahoans to await the answers before passing judgment."

I agree with this position by the Statesman, but we do have not only statements by others about Craig's engagement with them in homosexual activity, but we have a police officer who was, himself, solicited by Craig. Now is the time for honesty... unfortunately I, for one, do not expect that from Senator Craig; however, it would be a very pleasant surprise, and I remain optimistic.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lewd Conduct Man

Well, I heard it hours ago but only just arrived home to my computer; however, the phone lines in Idaho have been burning! Ah, Republican family values... just can't get enough of them. So Senator Craig was arrested for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport men's room. Geez! The total lack of discretion is in itself obscene. And at his age! With a wife and kids! It doesn't get much worse (or better, as the case may be) than that.

The news is EVERYWHERE! From The Political Game to 43rd State Blues to The Mountain Goat Report to Red State Rebels, the Idaho bloggers are having a field day. There's just nothing like seeing a hypocrite get caught in the act. It must really be true that what goes around comes around....

And the national blogs are hot with the same topic. From Roll Call to Wonkette, from CNN to The Huggington Post, Craig's lewd conduct appears to be making more news than Gonzales' resignation. Well, at least Gonzales didn't give the excuse that he wanted to spend more time with his family. He came a long way but as they say, you're known by the company you keep...

So, just to summarize, according to Roll Call, who broke the story, Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June by a plainclothes police officer for lewd conduct in a men's public restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, and plead guilty on August 8th to misdemeanor disorderly conduct, with a prison sentence that was stayed, a $500 fee and one year's probation. That seems to be a pretty hefty sentence for a senior senator who did nothing but tap the other guy's foot.... Maybe I'm a bit naive and I'm missing something here....

Well, I can almost hear the remarks by the Idaho Republican community: it's just an accidental brush of the foot near someone else's so what's wrong with that? Well, something most certainly must be wrong if there is one year's probation. I await further discussion and revelation....

And now I think I know why Craig had not yet declared his candidacy for the 2008 election....