Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Another Day....

Well, another part of our water line burst on Saturday night and we're still without water.... We just had half the water line replaced about a month ago. In between then and now a wind storm knocked down a huge Ponderosa pine which took with it three electric poles on our street so we were without electricity for two days. Now it's the water line again. Doing without water, and power, and water, certainly teaches one a thing or two about their value. I think of all the people in the world who do not have water and electricity and am thankful that I live where I live. I must say though, that it's tempting to try to "get off the grid." Being dependent on so many other people really requires a tremendous amount of patience. And when I think of how our American infrastructure is beginning to crumble because of things like corporate salaries, it just shortens my temper.

I did finally get my internet service back, about two weeks ago. That was a VERY BIG LESSON in patience. I also finally am back on my old, trusty laptop, after accidentally spilling a glass of wine on the spare computer....yeah, just let your imagination run wild.

Bill Sali hasn't disappointed me either this summer: he still persists in being the Idaho Village Idiot in our national congress. Thanks Sali. I can't wait until Minnick demonstrates to Congress that intelligent life does exist in Idaho.

I also can't wait for Larry LaRocco to replace that lying, impostor of family values, Senator Wide Stance Craig. I might have some pity for him if he ever actually sought to upheld the truth, perform honorable deeds, and do something beneficial for the state of Idaho (as opposed to filling the coffers of the Republican party). So, you go, LaRocco! We want Idaho people and Idaho values representing us in Congress.

On another note, I do plan to take up pen, well, keyboard, more often, now that I'm into the groove of working six days a week.... I still love the "cheffing," as a recent visitor, Serephin of 43StateBlues can tell you, because Serephin visited the restaurant where I work. Thanks so much for the visit! One of these days I hope to drink liberally with you in the southeast nether lands of this great state!

In the meantime, the sun is lowering in the sky and I still see no sign of my water returning. Well, tomorrow is just another day....