Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Idaho at the Democratic National Convention

Wow! Idaho is at the Convention and our Idaho delegates, bloggers, and reporters are doing their best to bring the convention to all of us. With charm, wit, fun and great reporting, 43StateBlues is Idaho's "official" blog at the Convention. Watch the videos and feel like you're there (and you'll also find out why D2 and Serephin have to "share" a floor credential). You can also follow their every movement (well, almost) at Twitter and Flickr.

Of course Red State Rebels is on top of everything in spite of reporting from Idaho. She notes some of the other reports coming from the convention, including Jill Kuraitis from NewWestBoise and Nathaniel Hoffman for the Boise Weekly. I especially liked the excitement that emanates from delegate Megan Nagel's report in Blue Girl From A Red State, and, of course, that informative and interesting blog from one of Idaho's best legislators, Nicole LeFavour and her Notes From The Floor. We even have reports from our very own Jerry Brady who, as a delegate also provides a well-rounded description of Convention events.

With 3 news people for every one delegation member, delegates and anyone with those special lanyards, are being interviewed left and right. As many of you know, my son, Julian Langness, is the youngest member of the Idaho delegation and is there as the page from District 1. He says he has been interviewed by so many different people, he can't remember all of them. But Mom was smart enough to sign up for GoogleAlerts and discovered that Julian and roommate Steve Mercado have already appeared online at New West Politics. I liked the article because I believe that the youth that Obama has drawn into the party are my future, if not yours.

Go Democrats!

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Julie Fanselow said...

Thank you for the mention. It's great to see Julian get some press, and to read all the other perspectives as well. Go Idaho Dems!