Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grant Withdraws From 1st CD Race

Today a local hero threw in the hat and decided to support his opponent. Yes. Larry Grant withdrew from the Congressional District 1 race and indicated his support for his opponent Walt Minnick. A news release appeared at Red State Rebels shortly before a report appeared at the Idaho Statesman. 43rdStateBlues chimed in early in the morning as well as NewWest Boise, and by afternoon The Mountain Goat Report and redstateresident's dailykos diary also had full reports. In short, Larry Grant's statement reads:

"I'm standing here with Cecil Andrus and Walt Minnick. We have stood shoulder to shoulder on many Democratic campaigns. We will stand together on many more, including, most importantly, this one.

My campaign has never been about my personal ambition. I have spent the last three years on the campaign trail doing my very best to build the Idaho Democratic Party from the ground up. I'm proud of what I and my campaign team have achieved.

There isn't ten cents worth of difference between my view of the world and Walt Minnick's. That's why we need to be working together to beat Bill Sali, not spending valuable time and resources in a contentious primary.

For that reason, I am withdrawing from the race this morning.

Bill Sali is one of the most ineffective and embarrassing Congressmen we have ever had. Governor Andrus and I will be leaving here today with one objective in mind, to claim this seat for a responsible and respected voice for the people of Idaho, Walt Minnick."

Frankly, I'll always believe that there's more to this story than those simple yet noble statements, but we know that I'm always suspicious that way.... Anyway, I began with the description of Larry as "local hero" and I want to share how much he touched the people in Boundary County.

Tonight we had the Boundary Country Central Committee meeting and I learned first-hand how much Larry had connected with the people of this county over the past three years. Some felt shock, very similar to that moment in 2000 when we learned the Supreme Court's decision to make Bush president, or when, in 2004, John Kerry no longer felt the need "to make every vote count." Some were saddened and disappointed and just felt tired of politics. Some were angry with Andrus, with the Democratic Party and with politics in general. And a few, gals and guys, cried with grief when they heard the news. Several lost the urge to even vote in the next election.

I told them all that the greatest response I had read came from Red State Rebels when Julie commented, "Ouch. Ok. Onward." And even though many of us had aching hearts, we moved forward, concentrating on our wonderful local candidates, and focusing on how we could best support them both politically and financially. Because we all know in our hearts, that that's what Larry would want us to do.

Thanks for being such a terrific candidate, Larry! You know you have lots of friends here in the crown jewel of the north and you and Pam will always be the most welcome of guests.


Julie Fanselow said...

Thanks for this tribute to Larry. Believe me: Many of us here in the "seat of power" were just as surprised as you at his decision.

But in reality, after our former governor kicked Grant to the curb with his Minnick endorsement, the writing was on the wall.

Someday, some way, maybe the grassroots will really be in charge of the Democratic Party here in Idaho. Making things happen in the legislative races will help in that regard.

Linda/IdahoRocks said...

Larry did more than just get the grassroots to give a loyal vote; he actually established bonds of trust so that people did not have to know he had an answer for every issue. They only had to trust that he is concerned enough and smart enough to take the best path for grassroots Idahoans. That's something that money can never accomplish....