Friday, March 21, 2008

And We Have Candidates

Idaho Legislative District 1 has Democratic candidates for several key positions as well as for local positions. For Idaho Legislative District 1, Steve Elgar will be challenging incumbent Eric Anderson, who must participate in a Republican primary run-off with Daniel Lawrence. Tom Hollingsworth will be challenging George Eskridge for the second Id Dist. 1 seat. Tom has already been knocking on doors, attending meetings, and working hard on his campaign. Boundary County also has candidates for six of its seven precincts.

In ID Leg District 2, we have Rep. Joyce Broadsword in a primary run-off with two other candidates, Bill Largen and James Stivers, with Democrat Rand Lewis as the sole Democratic candidate. You go, Rand! You have made us very happy! C. J. Rose, Democrat, will be running against Dick Harwood. And Mary Lou Shepherd will be running unopposed.

Locally in Boundary County, Jerry Pavia-D, commercial garden photographer and past president of the Idaho Conservation League Board of Directors will be running against incumbent Ron Smith-R for County Commissioner. And John O'Connor-D, owner of Bonner Books, will be running for the second district county commissioner position. Also in that district 2 commissioner race are two Republicans, including the incumbent, who will be facing a primary run-off for that position, and a newbie Independent. We now have several great candidates who will help lead the way into making north Idaho once again a Democratic stronghold through a grassroots effort based on Dean's 50-state strategy.

Boundary County thought that Bonner County had a Democratic candidate to run against Shawn Keough, but poof! the deadline passed and no name appeared. Other Bonner County highlights include a District 1 County Commissioner race with incumbent Todd Crossett-D, who will be running against the winner of a Republican primary run-off between Cornel Rasor-R and John T. Reuter-R. District 2 County Commissioner has a Democratic primary run-off between Brian Orr-D and Patty Palmer-D, with only one Republican challenger, Joseph Young-R. For Sheriff, one Democrat, Tony Lamanna, will be challenged by one of five Republican primary candidates: Rocky Jordan, Chip Roos, Geoff Rusho, Elaine Savage, and Daryl Wheeler.

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