Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rand Lewis Withdraws From District 1 Race

As just reported at Red State Rebels and a press release from the Larry Grant campaign, Rand Lewis has withdrawn from the race for Congressional District 1 and has endorsed fellow Democrat Larry Grant, stating,

“...[we] share a very high degree of agreement on the important issues such as veterans, national security and the military, the economy, health care and retired people and senior citizens. I like Larry, his sense of values, his honesty and his integrity. I’ll do what I can to help him both before the election and when he goes to Washington.”

Grant thanked Lewis for both his endorsement and his offer to act as an adviser on important issues such as veterans’ affairs and national security. Grant said,

“I’m extremely appreciative of Rand’s endorsement. We have had time to get to know each other during the campaign and have become friends. I have a great deal of respect for him and his background. His experience and service to our country are commendable. He has offered to advise me on matters that are important to him, such as veterans’ issues, and I’m glad that I and the people of the 1st District will have the benefit of his knowledge.”

I, personally, have found that Rand and his wife, Michelle, have been gracious and enthusiastic supporters of Democratic issues in the state of Idaho. It is an honor to Larry Grant that he has Rand's endorsement.

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