Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome To Rural North Idaho

Last Sunday, my ISP suffered a major disruption and I haven't had internet service since. This has been a real drag, especially since I just took on teaching at my local community college (only 90 miles away, giving new meaning to the word local....). Given the lack of internet access, it has not been an efficacious week in terms of completing necessary work....If I've had any success, it has been because of my dear friends, Fred and Alice, who have been more than generous in offering me the use Fred's computer while he's busy at work.

Julie at RedStateRebels, contributed to the Idaho Progressives list, an interesting thread from the dailykos about competition between the Democratic Leadership Council and Democratic National Committee. On the dailykos thread, the opinion is that if the DLC has its way in getting Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party nominee, then Howard Dean is out and a new leader (probably Harold E. Ford) will be put in that position. This may, at first glance, may not mean much for insignificant little Idaho, but, as they say, looks are deceiving. Note that the President of the Democratic Leadership Council is none other but our very own north Idaho boy, Bruce Reed.

In full disclosure, I am a supporter of the Democratic National Committee under the leadership of Howard Dean. If the DLC believes that Idaho wants to have a Democratic Party that follows in their footsteps, then I think that the DLC may find that not every Democrat supports their efforts. Indeed, they may well find that the Progressive Caucus has many more members than they thought possible. At least, that is my perception and only time will tell....

Be all that as it may, it leads to an interesting perception regarding Hillary, Obama, the DLC and the DNC since the Obama campaign is so strong in Idaho, several presumed DLC members support Obama, and the Progressives (at least in the north) appear to be divided between Edwards and Obama....Hmm, very interesting.... I can't wait till the caucus....

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