Thursday, April 5, 2007

How To Cook A Wolf

I'm still catching up on work put aside for a week, but I just had to post a blog today in order to share the wonderful experience I had this morning watching the video posted at IdaBlue. For a good chuckle to lift the spirits, I strongly recommend checking it out.

Moving from one wingnut leader to another (have you watched the video yet?), we have Gov. Otter promising to bid for the first tag to shoot a wolf in Idaho since IDFG lowered the fee to less than $10.00, as well as vetoing a bill to provide any relief from the Idaho grocery tax. Maybe we should just eat wolves in Idaho instead of buying beef at the grocery store.... Desperate times call for desperate measures, and M.F.K. Fisher, writing in 1942 when war shortages were at their worst, took up this task by writing How To Cook A Wolf (also available in a collection titled The Art of Eating). Basically, she demonstrated how to get the most nutrition out of the least amount of food. Perhaps Otter could distribute that book around the state in order for those of us who do not live with his bank account, to at least be able to stretch the foods we can afford into really nutritious albeit scant meals.... Either that, or give us a break on the grocery tax! Indeed, since 29 states do not tax groceries, why not eliminate the grocery tax completely? Oh, perhaps if that happened Idaho would not have enough money to give IACI their regular big tax breaks, and with this administration (take your pick, national or state), big business rules and the individual pays taxes....

Actually, I should be more fair to the citizens of Idaho, because many of them are quite good about stretching their food dollars by supplementing with hunting and gardening. Indeed, I have a neighbor who only eats beef at restaurants: the rest of the year it's game meat. Frankly, I think the game meat is probably much healthier and overrides the worry about mad cow disease and the e coli in store-bought Spinach packages.

One of the many things I love about north Idaho, as those of you have heard several times in this blog, is the availability of great food here. I am impressed by how local people swarm the summer time Farmers' Markets, how much of their own food they raise, and how efficient they are with hunting their own food. In our little town, we only have two Fast Food places, and neither of them is a MacDonald's. I think that's impressive. Of course, I am a big fan of the Slow Food movement. But that's another blog....

Ending on a happier note than wolves and grocery tax slavery, I'd like to steer everyone over to Red State Rebels who observes that the Northwest Progressive Institute bestowed regional awards on our own Idaho bloggers: Grassroots for Grant, IdaBlue, and honorary mention 43rd State Blues. Good job and congratulations! My day will end on the same happy note with which it began!

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Alan said...

Thanks for the mention. Glad you enjoyed the video. I found it amusing, especially the photos shown when the line "I hate what you've done with the place" are sung.