Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm still blue in red Idaho....

Another absence....but I have a good excuse. I succombed to the cold/flu germs that entered my space. And I have been sick for two weeks. Now, after a major investment in echinacea, vitamin C, and lots of tea, I'm beginning to feel better. Unfortunately my husband was complaining about a very sore throat last night and lives in fear that he'll suffer like I did. We'll hope for the best.

Recently, several of the Idaho blogs have mentioned Bill Sali's stand against raising the minimum wage. Now this is one of the things I don't understand about Idaho. The people who voted for him are the same people who sign petitions trying to repeal the Right to Work policy in Idaho, and who believe in increasing the minimum wage. How do they reconcile this? Our north Idaho representatives, Sen. Keough, Rep. Eskridge and Rep. Anderson, all stated at a public meeting that they opposed raising the minimum wage, yet District 1 voted them into office. How bizarre is that? I had always thought that as an anthropologist I would develop deep insight into this kind of phenomenom, but it remains, for the most part, a mystery that I'm still trying to solve; thus my involvement in politics....

I've also been absolutely amazed by the pundits and bloggers who are all over Bush for being deranged, at best, for his position on sending more troops to Iraq. Have they just realized this? Where have they been for the past six years? Not only is Bush a puppet of a very evil group of people, and not only does he have to be "wired up" (in more ways than one) in order to give a speech, but the guy's speech patterns show the same manifestations as someone who is mildly retarded. He can't stay on topic; he has trouble with direct questions; he pauses mid phrase; he has trouble keeping formulaic language correct; and he doesn't know when to stop his babbling. I can understand how "the masses" might be led astray and vote for this guy, but the Supreme Court's decision to give him the presidency will be another one of those mysteries I may never be able to solve.

So, I caught the flu, political mysteries leave me speechless, and the weather is below zero, but I still love it here! We do have a rather frozen winter wonderland at the moment, the driveway is pure ice, and my cats and kittens have a severe case of cabin fever. However, the wood stove keeps us toasty warm; I'm feeling better; lately Keith Olbermann has been awesome; my friend, Elizabeth, gave me some delicious "county fair" lamb; my local potato farmer and friend, David Ronniger, is dropping off 20 lbs. of potatoes for me next week; my friends in Norway sent me the latest Sissel CD; I'm reading a great book, Wine and War: The French, the Nazis & the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure available at; and, I think I may be able to attend the Frank Church Banquet/IDP Central Committee Meeting, March 2-4. Now, how cool is all that!

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