Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's the matter with Idaho?

Okay, I’ve been reading all about how James Carville doesn’t like Dean or his 50-state strategy. Well, his ignorance about what works in Idaho, or even in many places outside of Washington D.C., is just too reminiscent of the ignorance of the Idahoans who voted for a Superintendent of Public Instruction with no background in education; for a State Controller who has no background in finance; for a wingnut who will only make Idaho appear to be just like him; and for people who oppose legislation to raise the minimum wage in Idaho. In other words, Carville’s words and actions demonstrate his ignorance about the voting populace in this country.

Does Carville never read the Democratic and Progressive blogs like the Daily Kos? Over 200 comments on the article about him clearly demonstrate that people disagree with him completely. Furthermore, they show that most people don’t like either the DLC or the DCCC with their arrogance of power, and their continual refusal to share Democratic wealth with states that could probably become blue with that same help.

I, for one, would like to give a giant thank you to Howard Dean. He’s the DNC head that we’ve needed for a long time. He’s smart, and he knows that the Democrats working hardest are the grassroots, i.e., he know that in order to make a tree grow and keep it healthy, it better have well-watered roots, something many VIP Democrats forget. He provided money for three key Idaho positions, two state coordinators and a Communications Director, all of whom broke their backs for Idaho, working so many endless hours that they gave new meaning to the term “overtime.” I’d like to give them a giant thank you as well. These are three positions necessary to unite Democrats across the state. And with their help, we made tremendous progress throughout the state. We many not be blue yet, but we’re getting there, thanks to Dean.

Dr. Dean, you are doing a great job! Keep us connected! Keep those emails coming! Stay in charge of the DNC because you are desperately needed by the Democratic Party!

I think that what happened to Idaho is similar to “What’s the Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Frank. The Republicans have made economic issues subservient to social issues. They have taken every wedge issue they could find and turned it into an “us vs. them” issue, with Limbaugh, Savage, Coulter, and even mainstream news media taking part in the chorus. The underclasses, the poor, the red state workers, they are expected to be at the beck and call of the wealthy. And now, James Carville ties himself to his wife’s apron strings and demands that the less economically viable Democrats be all but forgotten when it comes to electing Democrats. Shame on Carville and all those who agree with him!

But a thank you to Carville as well, because he has renewed my grassroots Democratic enthusiasm and makes me want to work harder than ever to turn Idaho blue!


Waha Pete said...


Very nicely written!

In my opinion this Election in Idaho is a perfect example of why our forefathers in their great wisdom created a government with separation of church and state. When the uninformed masses are purposely infuriated with one key moral issue on the ballot and vote according to their religious ideology, unqualified candidates are chosen over the qualified.

Linda/IdahoRocks said...

I agree waha pete, but I'm not sure what to do about it.... I guess I'll have to figure out why the masses remain uninformed in this age of information, and how we can get religious ideology to succumb to reason.